Advanced Urban Design

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Special Course, Master

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Summer Semester, Thu 4

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[Contents of the clas, including its purpose]
Design guideline is one of the useful methods for urban design in the new residential development. Battery Park City is a first example the design guideline applied in the world. Also the residential area of Makuhari New Town in Chiba is the first in Japan. Nexus World in Fukuoka was not applied in which the architects from the world considered how to harmonize their architecture.  In this course, availability of such design guidelines is discussed reading the texts and documents of such examples and excursing to the places.



  1. Orientation
  2. Reading the Design Guideline for Battery Park City in New York (1)
  3.                               V                           (2)
  4.                               V                       (3)
  5. Reading the Design Guidelines for Makuhari New Town  (1)
  6.                               V                        (2)
  7.                               V                              (3)
  8. Reading the Text about Nexus World in Fukuoka City (1)
  9.    V (2)
  10.    V (3)
  11. Excursion (1)     to the Nexus World
  12. Excursion (2)     to Kumamoto
  13. Presentation your reports about the excursion (1)
  14.    V (2)
  15. Deadline of the reports

(1) Battery Place Residential Area Design Guidelines, Battery Park City Authority, 1985
(2) Urban Design Guidelines for Makuhari New Town, Chiba Authority, 2002
(3) Nexus World, Fukuoka Jisho Co., LTD, 1991

[The method and standard of schlastic evaluation]
(1) presentation about the texts or documents by each (50%),
(2) reports about the excursion (30%), and
(3) attendance (20%).

Office Hour: TUE 2